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“Frailty” is a term that describes older adults who experience decreased functional reserve. Frailty is characterized by multisystem dysregulation that usually includes chronic inflammation, sarcopenia (age-related loss of muscle mass, strength, or function), and neuroendocrine function alterations. Persons with frailty are at increased risk for functional decline and death. There is not one universally agreed upon definition or assessment tool for frailty, although several are in use.
Elements of the **frailty syndrome** include slow gait speed, low hand grip strength, weight loss, low energy expenditure, and in some persons, cognitive decline.
The ideal strategies for preventing and treating the frailty syndrome are unknown. At present, treatment is largely supportive, multifactorial, and individualized based on patient goals, life expectancy, and comorbidities. Exercise, particularly strength and resistance training, is the intervention with the strongest evidence for benefit. Sometimes, transitioning a patient to a palliative approach or a hospice program is the most appropriate clinical intervention when efforts to prevent functional decline fail.
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