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verbs for thinking and reasoning

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G2 verbs: thinking and reasoning

1 [I (about); T] to use the power of reason; make judgments; use the mind to form opinions; have (a (thought): Do you still think in English when you’re speaking French? If animals can think, what do you think thay think about? She sat there, thinking great thoughts.

2 [T] to believe; consider: I think she’s wrong, don’t you? He thinks himself a great poet. Do you think it will rain? – Yet. I think so! I thought he was going lo die.

3 [T] (used after cannot and could not) to imagine; undersatnd: I can’t think why you did it! Yon can’t think how nasty she is to me!

4 [T] (used in questions) to believe: Who do you think murdered the old lady? How do you think the robbers got in?

5 [T] to reason about; bring to mind: Think how big and varied the world it.

6 [I; T] to consider carefully: I’ll have to think deeply before I give you an answer. Think before you accept his offer! The criminal was thinking what to do what to do next when the police arrived.

7 [T (fml)] to have as a half formed intention or plan: We thought to return early. We thought we’d go swimming tomorrow. I though to catch a bus home but it was so nice I decided to walk.

8 [T] (used after cannot and could not and in infinitive after try, want,.etc) to remember: I can’t think what his name is. I’m trying to think what his address is / how to get there.

9 [T] to expect: Little did he think the police would be waiting for him. We didn’t think we’d be this late. I thought as much (used when one has heard some news, to mean ‘that’s just what I expected’).

10 [T] to have as the centre of one’s thoughts: He thinks business all day.

11 [L] not fml – to direct the mind in a particular way: You must try / learn to think big!
“I don’t think” – sl ironical –
(used esp when bitterly or nastily attacking someone, to mean) = I certainly do not think so: You’re clever, I don’t think!

“to think aloud” = to speak one’s thoughts as they come.

“think twice” to think very carefully about something: Think twice before accepting this offer.

1 [I] to use one’s reason: She can reason very clearly.

2 [T] to argue (that); give an opinion
based on reason (that): I reasoned that since she had not answered my letter she must he angry with me.

3 [T into or out of] to persuade: Try to reason him out of that idea / into going away quickly.

rationalize, -ise [I; Tl] to find reasons for (one’s own unreasonable behaviour or opinions: Stop rationalising! That’s not the real reason for what you did.


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