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verbs for solving things and working things out

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G3 verbs: solving things and working things out

solve [T] to find a way of doing (some thing which seemed difficult to do); come to an answer, explanation, or way of dealing with (something): I can’t solve this problem; it’s too difficult for me. This is still an unsolved question (= no one has solved it).

solution [C; U] an act or wav of finding an answer to a difficult problem:This sheet of practice questions is provided with solutions. It’s a difficulty that hardly admits solution.

think out – also esp AmE think through [v adv T] = to consider in detail with care; reach a decision about (something) after much careful thought: Thank you for your suggestion, but I must think this whole matter out for myself.

reason out [v adv T] to find an answer to (something) by thinking of all the possible arguments: Let’s reason the matter out.

work out [v advj]
1 [T] to solve; get the correct answer to; find by performing all the right actions: I can’t work this sum out. He worked out all the answers correctly. I can’t work out where we are on this map.

2 [I] to have an answer which can be calculated: The sum won’t work out / doesn’t work out (properly).


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