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mind, thought, and reason

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G1 nouns: mind, thought, and reason
1 [C;(U)] the part of a person which thinks: We don’t know exactly what goes on in the mind, or the exact relationship of mind and brain.

2 [C] the ability to think: She has a good mind for this kind of work.

3 [C usu pl] a very clever person: Some of the best minds in the country are working there.

-minded [comb form]
1 having the kind of mind described: evil-minded; strong-minded.

2 having a mind that is interested in or sees the value of the thing stated: safety-minded people

mentality [U; C] a person’s way of thinking: He has just the right mentality for this work.

1 [C] the organ in the head with which a person thinks, which controls the actions of animals, etc

2 [C; U] the mind: She has a good brain; I wish she would use it.

3 [C] infml a person with a good mind: Some of the best brains in the country are working there.

-brained [comb form] having a brain or brains as stated: These are large-brained animals. My silly bird-brained secretary can’t spell!

1 [U] the act of thinking: He sat there, deep in thought. She seemed lost in thought. The power of thought can change the world.

2 [C; U] something that is thought; a product of thinking, idea, opinion, etc: Let me have your thoughts on the subject. You must give up all thought of going there.

3 [U| the particular way of thinking of a social class, person, period, country, etc: Ancient Indian thought interests me.

4 [U] serious consideration: Give his offer plenty of thought before you accept it.

5 [U (of)] intention: He had no thought of annoying you. The enemy’s thought was to defeat us quickly.
6 [C; U: (for)] (an example of) attention; regard: With no thought for her own safety, she jumped into the river to save the drowning child. The teacher’s only thought was for the pupils.

1 [U] the power to think, understand, and form opinions: People are different from animals because they possess reason.

2 [U] a sound mind that is not mad (esp in such phrs as “lose one’s reason”)

3 [U] good sense: Thers’s a lot of reason in his advice. Why don’t you listen to reason? He’ll do anything within reason to help you.

rationality [U] – fml = the power of reason.

cognition [U] fml & tech = the state of thinking, knowing, and being aware: the act of thinking generally.

1 [U] the power of reasoning, esp on difficult matters: She is a woman of great intellect.

2 [C] a person who has great ability of this kind: They are among the greatest intellects in the country.

think [S (about)] infml = an act of thinking esp about a difficulty or question; occasion or need for thinking: I’ll have to have a think about this before I give you an answer. If you think I’m going to lend you a pound you’ve another think coming! (= you’ll have to think of someone else to ask, because I certainly won’t lend you a pound).


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