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   Writing clearly and well is a skilled business. Don’t think you should be able to write without mistakes at your first attempt. Most successful writers make several drafts of their work. They edit what they write, correct errors, and make additions.

Making a Start
   Don’t just sit staring at a blank piece of paper or the computer screen. Write anything just as a warm-up exercise – a letter or even a note to yourself. This will help you to feel more confident and relaxed.
   Remember, you can edit your work – or scrap it and start again.

Put It In Words
   Don’t try composing in your head. Write down even your scrappiest ideas, so that you can see them. The physical act of writing will help you to make connections between your brain and the paper. This might help you to identify problems or see possible solutions. Remember – all your work can be revised, re-written – or written off!

Plan, Plan, Plan
   Make notes and a rough plan for what you are going to write. It makes the task easier. Don’t try to work with all the information stored in your head. A good plan means that you don’t need to memorise information. It is also a source of reference and comfort whilst you are working.

First Attempts
   Your first efforts may have lots of flaws or even be incomplete. This doesn’t matter – so long as you then do some more writing. Be prepared to make [at least] two or three attempts at anything you produce.
   Working with multiple drafts in this way is perfectly normal. You can revise and edit what you write – either on screen or paper.


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