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Paragraph Unity

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Paragraph Unity
   AN IMPORTANT ELEMENT OF A GOOD PARAGRAPH IS UNITY. Unity means that A PARAGRAPH DISCUSSES ONE AND ONLY ONE MAIN IDEA FROM BEGINNING TO END. For example, if your paragraph is about the advantages of owning a compact car, discuss only that. Do not discuss the disadvantages. Furthermore, discuss only one advantage, such as gas economy, in each paragraph. If you begin to discuss another advantage, start a new paragraph. Sometimes it is possible to discuss more than one aspect of the same idea in one paragraph if they are closely related to each other. For example, you could discuss gas economy and low maintenance costs in the same paragraph because they are closely related, but you should not discuss both gas economy and easier parking in the same paragraph because they are not closely related.

   The second part of unity is that EVERY SUPPORTING SENTENCE MUST DIRECTLY EXPLAIN OR PROVE THE MAIN IDEA. For example, in a paragraph about the high cost of prescription drugs in the United States, you could mention buying drugs from pharmacies outside the United States as an alternative, but if you write several sentences about buying drugs outside the United States, you are getting off the topic, and your paragraph will not have unity./.


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