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Logical Order

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Logical Order
In addition to using transition signals and repeating key nouns and pronouns, a fourth way to achieve coherence is to arrange your sentences in some kind of logical order.
Your choice of one kind of logical order over another will, of course, depend on your topic and your purpose. You may even combine two or more different logical orders in the same paragraph. The important point to remember is to arrange your ideas in some kind of order that is logical to a reader accustomed to the English way of writing.
Some common kinds of logical order in English are CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER, LOGICAL DIVISION OF IDEAS, and COMPARISON/CONTRAST.
• Chronological order is order by time—a SEQUENCE OF EVENTS or STEPS in a process. The model paragraph on how to grow an avocado tree (page 33) uses time order to organize the steps.
• In logical division of ideas, a topic is divided into parts, and each part is discussed separately. The model paragraph about gold on page 3 uses logical division. First, it discusses gold’s beauty, and second its utility.
• In a comparison/contrast paragraph, the similarities and/or differences between two or more items are discussed. The paragraph about synonyms on page 5 compares and contrasts word meanings.


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