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   1. You should always edit a piece of writing before you consider it to be finished. Only very skilled writers can produce work without making mistakes. The elimination of small errors will improve the appearance and effectiveness of what you write.

   2. The difference between a first and second rate piece of work may rest on just a little extra time spent checking what you have written. Read through your work carefully and correct any errors.

   3. Eliminate any sloppy or muddled writing. If something strikes you as weak or unclear, take the trouble to put it right. If this is not possible, be prepared to eliminate it.

   4. Check for sentences which are grammatically incomplete. Look out for those which might lack any part of the Subject-Verb-Object minimum for grammatical coherence.

   5. Check for missing words. Insert them into even the neatest completed typescript or manuscript. If you are using a word-processor, a grammar-checker might help you here.

   6. Check that you have spelled correctly any proper names, technical terms, or lesser-known words. If in doubt, look them up in a good dictionary. Use the spell-checker if your word-processor has one.

   7. Check that your punctuation is consistent, accurate, and legible.

   8. Check for consistency in the layout of your pages. For instance, irregular spacing between paragraphs is confusing to readers.

   9. If your final draft contains a lot of mistakes and corrections, be prepared to re-vvrite it, even if this will take quite some time. This will give you the opportunity to improve your presentation, and you will probably discover that you can introduce further improvements to what you have written.

   • eliminate any awkward turns of phrase
   • split up any sentences which are too long
   • re-arrange the order of your paragraphs
   • eliminate any awkward repetitions
   • correct errors of spelling or punctuation
   • create smooth links between paragraphs
   • add anything important you have missed
   • delete anything which is not relevant
   • check for weak syntax and grammar
   • run the grammar-checker and spell-checker


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