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How to Write a Title

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How to Write a Title
   Single paragraphs do not usually have titles. Giving your practice paragraphs titles, however, may help you to organism and limit your thoughts. For longer essay or reports, though, the use of titles will become more necessary.
   A title tells the reader what the topic of the paragraph is. It is usually a word or phrase, not a sentence. It should be brief, but not so brief that it doesn’t tell the reader what to expect.
   Remember these points when writing a title:
1. The first, last, and all important words in a title are capitalized. Prepositions and articles are not considered important words in a title. Prepositions of more that five letter, however, may be capitalised. Articles that begin the title, of course, are capitalised.
2. The title of a paragraph or essay is not underlined.
3. The title is not enclosed in quotation marks, nor is it ended with a period. For example
 How to Choose a Good Used Car
 Inflation Affects Everybody


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