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1 to continue to be alive. @ It isn’t easy to live on poor food like that. The girl in the accident will live; she wasn’t badly hurt. If he goes on driving like that, he won’t live long. A writer’s work lives beyond his death.
2 fml to be alive: @ Better die standing than live kneeling.

LIVE ON = to go on living: @ He lived on for another 20 years, till he was 91. (fig) A writers works live on after his death. Her memory lives on; we won’t forget her.

1 to continue to live, esp with difficulty: @ We can hardly exist on the money he gives us; it isn’t enough. They don’t have much food; they only just manage to exist.
2 to live, but without satisfaction or happiness. @ He exists from day to day, just eating and sleeping. Nothing exciting happens here; we iust exist!

DIE = to cease living: @ He died last week after a long illness. The crops were dying because of lack of rain.

1 to (cause to) go through chemical changes that destroy or damage: @ Meat decays quickly in warm weather.
2 (fig) to fall to a lower or worse state; lose health, power, strength, activity, etc.: @ History seems to teach us that all nations decay in time.

DECOMPOSE = (esp of bodies once alive) to decay: @ The decomposing flesh of the dead animal began to smell.

ROT = (esp of plants, meat, etc) to decay; go bad: @ The meat began to rot. The ground was covered with/in rotting plants.
ROTTEN = having rotted. @ Throw away this meat; it’s rotten. Don’t eat rotten meat.

1 to continue to live, esp after coming close to death: @ We survived although others died in the accident. He is the only man who survived after the explosion.
2 to continue living after: @ He survived the explosion, but no one else did. She survived her own daughter by ten years.


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