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1 [U] the state of being secure:`What security my religion gives me! she said.
2 [C] something which protects or makes secure: My savings are my security against hardship.
3 [U] property of value promised to a lender in case repayment is not made or other conditions are not met: `He offered his house as security for his large debt.
4 [U] protection against lawbreaking, violence, enemy acts, escape from prison, etc:  `For security reasons (= reasons of security) thee passengers have to be searched. `Tight security was in force during the President’s visit. `’It’s a maximum/minimum security prison. `The security forces (= police and army) were unable to keep order in the streets. `The factory employs a security guard at night.
5 [C usu pl] a paper (esp a bond or piece of stock) giving the owner the right to some property: `He trades in government securities.


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