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safe adj

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safe adj
1 [(from)] out of danger; not threatened by harm; not able to be hurt; protected: `Come inside where you’ll be safe from the storm. `Your money will be safe in the bank.
2 not hurt; unharmed: `They came through the storm safe and sound (=safe)
3 [(for)] not allowing danger or injury: `Is this a safe place to swim? `Keep these papers in a safe place. `Is it safe to go out at night here? `Leave you money with me; it’ll be in safe hands.
4 not likely to cause risk or disagreement: `It’s safe to say (it seems a safe bet that) crime will continue at a high rate this year.
5 (of a seat in Parliament) certain to he won in an election bv a particular party: `It was once a safe seat for Labour, but might go either way at the next election.
ON THE SAFE SIDE: not fml taking no risks; being more careful than may be necessary: `Let’s be on the safe side and take more money than we think we’ll need.
PLAY IT SAFE: infml to take no risks: `It’s warm now, but I’ll play it safe and take some heavy clothes on the trip too.
AS SAFE AS HOUSES: infml very safe from risk: `Your money will be as safe as houses in that company.


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