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1 [U] the active force that is present in those forms of matter (animals and plants) that grow through feeding and produce new young forms of themselves, but is not present in other matter (stones, machines, objects, etc): @Life is a mystery; we do not know how it began or why it continues.
2 [U] matter having this active force: @There is no life on the moon.
3 [U] the state of being alive: @Life depends on food and air. Life is important to living creatures; they usually fight to stay alive.
4 [U] the condition of existence, esp of a human being: @Life isn’t all fun; it has its bad moments.
5 [U] living things in general: @The valley was full of rich plant and animal life.
6 [U] existence as a set of widely different experiences: @You’ll never see life if you stay at home all the time. Go out into the world and see what life has to offer.
7 [U] a way of living; social relations, etc: @Well, how do you find life in the city/city life?
8 [C] the period between birth and death: @He is dead now, but what an interesting life he led! They spent the whole of their lives in that town.
9 [C; U] a part of life given to a particular activity: @She spent most of her working life in that job. My social life is my business, not yours!
10 [C] personal condition of being alive: @His life will be in danger if he stays here. We must try to save those people’s lives; we can’t let them die! No lives must be lost in this work.
11 [C usu sing] (fig) the period for which a machine, organization, etc, will work or last: @These electric batteries have a long life; they are long-life batteries. During the whole life of this association we have had no legal problems.

1 [U] a state of existing: @His existence is not important to her any more. They know about the existence of this money and they plan to get it all. We were talking about the existence of life on other worlds.
2 [C] life, esp without any special interest, pleasures, etc: @She leads a rather sad existence now that her husband is dead.

CREATION [U] the act of creating or being created: @The creation of new life is an important reason for people getting married. Many people believe that the creation of the universe was the work of a god. [CREATION, UNIVERSE]

ANIMATION [U] actual life; activity and excitement; the appearance of such life: @She lacks animation; I think she is ill. He was full of animation at the party. The machines moved with such animation that they seemed to be alive.

1 [U] the act or time of being born, of coming into the world, esp out of the body of a female parent: @The birth of the child was an occasion of great joy in the family.
2 [U] the act or fact of producing young: @She gave birth to a baby girl. The process of birth is usually painful.
3 [C] the occasion of any person or animal being born: @There were four births in the hospital last night.
4 [U] family origin: @For many people, being rich or poor is just an accident of birth. He claims to be of noble birth, but nobody believes him.
5 [U] (fig) beginning, start, or origin: @It was a great meeting—the birth of a new political movement.

NATIVITY [C] birth, esp (with cap) that of Jesus Christ

1 [U;C] the end of life; the time or manner of dying: @He was happy till the day of his death. Car accidents have caused many deaths.
2 [S] the cause or occasion of loss of life: &If you go out without a coat, you’ll catch your death of cold, (fig) That defeat meant the death of all his hopes. Drinking whisky will be the death of him yet.
3 [U] the state of being dead: @Enjoy your life; death lasts a long time. The old house was as still as death. 4 [R] (usu cap) the destroyer of life, usu shown as a skeleton [=> Bl 1]: @In that picture you can see Death leading a dance of dead people, a natural death death from natural causes like illness or old age, not as the result of an accident, murder, etc: She lived a long happy life and died a natural death, at death’s door about to die; in danger of dying: He is very sick; he is at death’s door, I’m afraid.

1 the state of being mortal (= having to die)
2 the number of deaths in an area, for a group, etc: @Infant mortality in that country is high (= Many children there die young).

1 the decayed parts (esp of the teeth): @There’s a lot of decay in his teeth.
2 the action or state of decaying: @That university has fallen into decay in the last 100 years. The decay of ancient Rome took a long time.

DECOMPOSITION [U] decay (esp of bodies once alive): @Soil is improved by the steady decomposition of dead plants and animal bodies.

ROT [U] decay, esp caused by disease: @Rot has started in the wood.

1 [U] the fact or possibility of surviving: @His survival is still uncertain; he has been very badly hurt and may die.
2 [C] something which survives, often unexpectedly, from an earlier time: @Crocodiles are survivals from the age of the dinosaurs. [>=> A91 CROCODILE, A93 DINOSAUR]

SURVIVOR [C] a person who has continued to live in spite of coming close to death: @Out of the hundreds of people concerned in the accident there were only a few survivors. She is 90 years old and the only survivor of her family.


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