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1 continuing to live: @ Some of the plants are dead, but most of them are still living/alive.
2 actually existing : @ Is he a living person or just a character in a book?
3 continuing in use: @ French is a living language, but for most people Latin isn’t.

1 continuing to live: @ His mother is dead, but his father is still alive/living. Only three men were left alive after the explosion.
2 full of life; active: @ Although old, he is very much alive.
3 still in existence or operation; still remembered: @ The argument was kept alive by the politicians. She died ten years ago, but she remains very much alive in his memory.

LIVE = having life: @ There is a dead fish among all the live ones.

1 precise & tech (of plants and animals) alive; living. @ animate beings
[neg] INANIMATE objects
2 loose, moving or able to move: @ The clock was the only animate thing in the house.

DEAD [Wa5,(l); B]
1 no longer alive: @The field was full of dead animals, killed by the storm. @Can dead people come back to life? (fig) @His love for her is dead; he doesn’t care about her any more.
2 not able to live: @The hillside was covered with dead material; there were only stones—no plants at all.
3 (fig) not in use: @Most people consider Latin (to be) a dead language, but for some purposes it is still a living language.

1 about to die: @The dying man spoke his last words.
2 ill with a disease which will lead to death: @She’s a dying woman; she has an illness which cannot be cured, (fig) @a dying industry


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