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          value  values  valuing  valued      
 1     The value of something such as a quality, attitude, or method is its importance or usefulness. If you place a particular value on something, that is the importance or usefulness you think it has.
  Further studies will be needed to see if these therapies have any value…
  Ronnie put a high value on his appearance.
     N-UNCOUNT: also a N, usu with supp 
      If something is of value, it is useful or important. If it is of no value, it has no usefulness or importance.
  This weekend course will be of value to everyone interested in the Pilgrim Route…
     PHRASE: v-link PHR 
 2     If you value something or someone, you think that they are important and you appreciate them.
  I’ve done business with Mr Weston before. I value the work he gives me…
     VERB: V n 
 *     val*ued         
  As you are a valued customer, I am writing to you to explain the situation…
 3     The value of something is how much money it is worth.
  The value of his investment has risen by more than $50,000…
  The country’s currency went down in value by 3.5 per cent…
      If something is of value, it is worth a lot of money. If it is of no value, it is worth very little money.
  …a brooch which is really of no value…
  It might contain something of value.
     PHRASE: v-link PHR 
 4     When experts value something, they decide how much money it is worth.
  Your lender will then send their own surveyor to value the property…
  I asked him if he would have my jewellery valued for insurance purposes…
  Spanish police have seized cocaine valued at around $53 million.
     VERB: V n, have n V-ed, V-ed 
 5     You use value in certain expressions to say whether something is worth the money that it costs. For example, if something is or gives good value, it is worth the money that it costs.
  The restaurant is informal, stylish and extremely good value…
  This wine highlights the quality and value for money of South African wines.
 6     The values of a person or group are the moral principles and beliefs that they think are important.
  The countries of South Asia also share many common values…
     N-PLURAL: with supp, oft with poss, supp N 
 7     Value is used after another noun when mentioning an important or noticeable feature about something.
  The script has lost all of its shock value over the intervening 24 years…
     N-UNCOUNT: n N 
 8  see also face value
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Important and enduring beliefs or ideals shared by the members of a culture about what is good or desirable and what is not. Values exert major influence on the behavior of an individual and serve as broad guidelines in all situations.
value [singular]
Definitions (4)
1. Accounting: The monetary worth of an asset, business entity, good sold, service rendered, or liability or obligation acquired.
2. Economics: The worth of all the benefits and rights arising from ownership. Two types of economic value are (1) the utility of a good or service, and (2) power of a good or service to command other goods, services, or money, in voluntary exchange.
3. Marketing: The extent to which a good or service is perceived by its customer to meet his or her needs or wants, measured by customer’s willingness to pay for it. It commonly depends more on the customer’s perception of the worth of the product than on its intrinsic value.
4. Mathematics: A magnitude or quantity represented by numbers.


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