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attitude vs. character

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attitude vs. character
A human being has reasons why he/she does things. He makes decisions every single minute, tons of it. There are values and principles in life that he follows, which affect how he approach people and handle situations. A human being also has something innate in him/her, which comprises his entire being or his very essence. A human being has an identity that makes him a unique individual. All of these things that a person has are called attitude and character.
Though they are both abstract and are only found in the inner part of a human being’s personhood, both are two completely different things. Let us tackle the differences between these two words.
Attitude is a choice. Attitude determines how you handle or approach certain things, and it is all up to your own decision how you are going to do those particular things. This means that attitude is a choice, and you can change it to fit the situation or environment you are in. Compared to character, it is already innate in every person and it is not subject for change. It makes you do things you are not supposed to do in front of many people, but you do it anyway because that’s your character. Or character makes you do well while the others are not even though no one is watching. You do it just because that is who you are. Attitude is a choice, whereas character is an identity.
You can gain your character with the right values and education, while you can get your attitude trough hard knocks or through experience. Attitude shows what a person wants while character does not give importance to wants, it will just directly show what qualities a person lives by. You can easily notice someone’s character because it shows externally. Attitudes are not that easy to figure out because it is within a person and it is up for him to change it and fit in. It will take you a long time to know the attitude of a person but knowing someone’s character is fast.
Attitude is something you can choose to change in a short span of time unlike someone’s character, which will take you a very long time to change. Here are some of the good characters one must have to enhance his values in life, these are; courage, patience, honesty, integrity, loyalty and many more. A bad character is called vices, and here are some example of vices; falsehood, dishonesty, sloth, procrastination and more. Character makes up your entire identity. Having the right values makes up a great character.

1. You can change your attitude but you can’t change your character just like that.
2. Character is more on identity attitude is on how you approach things.
3. Character can be built through education while attitude is built through experience.
4. You can easily notice character because it surfaces through the people, while attitude is hard to see because a person can manipulate ones attitude.

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