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Primarily, diction is referred to in two different ways. The first one refers to the distinctive style of speech or expression of a person in speaking or writing. It includes the vocabulary and the choice of words used by a person while reading or writing.

The second use refers to the way a person pronounces words, the tone used, and the way he pauses, etc., while speaking. It is more related to a persons speech than the way of writing.

Diction has eight different elements; verb, noun, phoneme, syllable, connective, inflection, conjunction, and utterance. Diction is very important in speech as it can define whether the speech or way of writing is informal or formal.

Diction is usually the signature of a writer or orator. It becomes like the unique fingerprint, one page of a particular writers work with which one is able to identify the writer. It also sets the standard or quality of their writing.


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