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Causation vs Correlation

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Causation vs Correlation
Linking one thing with another does not always prove that the result has been caused by the other
Causation is an action or occurrence that can cause another The result of an action is always
predictable, providing a clear relation between them which can be stablished with certainty. Causation
involves correlation which means that if an action causes another then they are correlated. The
causation of these two correlated events or actions can be hard to establish but it is certain.
Correlation is an action or occurrence that can be linked to another. The action does not always result
to another action or occurrence but you can see that there is a relationship between them. Although the
action does not make the other thing happen, the possibility of having something happen is great.
Correlation can be easily established through statistical tools. The correlated events or actions can be
because of a common cause. Establishing correlation can be made certain if there are no explanations
that will prove causality.
1. Causation is an occurrence or action that can cause another while correlation is an action or
occurrence that has a direct link to another.
2. In causation, the results are predictable and certain while in correlation, the results are not visible or
certain but there is a possibility that something will happen.
3. Establishing causality is harder while there are many statistical tools available to establish correlation between events or actions.


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